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Posted on Friday 8th of May 2020 12:21:03 PM

garotas de programa marabá

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I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm a little bit afraid to say that the word for the "taste" of this fish I've been eating is "tasteful". A very bland taste. I think the word 'taste' is too strong of a word to describe it. A tad bit bland. It's too much like salt in the mouth. No matter what I'm doing, the taste is still not a good one. A tad bit salty, as expected. But I guess it's all due to the fact that this fish does not make the cut for the menu, at least for me, because I can only find it in the stores in the town of Barreto (not even remotely close to Sao Paulo). If I go there I have to try it with a fish taco.

I was not disappointed, as you can imagine. It's still salty in the mouth, but it's not as bad as I imagined. Not bad is not good. This is why it's worth a visit, just to see the salty salt taste of these beauties. I've had many times that fish is salty, but these were different. There is just too much flavor in it, it's just too good. And these are really, really great. You can tell when you see the fish that they have taken great care of it. They don't pick off the fish, they just soak the meat in salt and spices and they put it in the freezer so the meat stays fresh. So that's a great way to preserve it for a few months. I actually tried to get these guys to eat the fish themselves, but they didn't like the taste. So I just asked them to show me what they liked. That was a good lesson.

This guy is from Obras in Rio de Janeiro. He's a student and his brother works with him. The way he tells it, the fish came with a warning: "If you take this to your stomach, you're going to be eating a snake. If you eat it, you're going to have a very nasty allergic reaction." He tells me how he had to use the bathroom at school one day. When he came out of the bathroom, his nose was swollen and the blood flowing through it was from a bite. He was bleeding so badly that he could only walk on the soles of his feet. The police took him to a local hospital, where they took out a pair of scissors and cut his stomach out. He had to get an X-ray that day to see how much blood was coming out. It came out at two hundred and thirty-five milliliters. They told him it's like if your stomach was a large fish that was swimming in water. "How did you know what I was eating?" I ask him. "My mother always told me. My mother told me the truth." He has been to court and has been found guilty. "I never saw a girl's face. And I don't even know where I got this information from," he says. His mother and his friends were in the restaurant, he says. "They were watching him, they knew what he was doing. They were also talking to him, and then, as if they wanted to make things more comfortable, they left the scene." The restaurant is near the police station, so if he needs help he can ask the authorities.

As he sits at the table, he says, "The police are just waiting for the verdict. They're not going to do anything because they're afraid of the case getting out." He was also afraid when the girl's father, a police officer, arrived to the scene, according to the man who interviewed him. But he's not so afraid now. If he sees the police coming, he'll hide. "I have this feeling," he says. "I don't know what to do. I don't want to get caught." The man, who is from the northern town of Rondônia, says he doesn't like the idea of the rape of minors. "It is not acceptable. It is not in the law," he says. "It's a big problem," adds a local official. "If this happens in our town, it will spread like wild fire, and then it will get very bad." That is what seems to be happening here. At least six young girls have gone missing in Brazil's far north. Three of them have disappeared in the last two weeks. In the town of Cuiaba, near the border with Bolivia, a local official told me, there has been a series of similar disappearances in recent weeks. "Last week there was one," he told me. "On Thursday, there were three."

All of the girls are believed to be from Marabá. The girls, who are between 16 and 18, have all been taken from the town's local gymnasium. Police in the region have also confirmed that the local soccer club has found evidence linking the disappearances to drug trafficking, a crime that is rampant in the country.

I'm told that this is the fourth time this has happened in less than three weeks, following the disappearance of the three girls, the disappearance of three men, and the arrest of seven people on drug-related charges.